Litebar is the silver to Bitbar’s gold



LiteBar is a digital commodity reared out of Litecoin.

Similar to Litecoin, LiteBar is an open-source, p2p technology that functions without any central authority..

  • Litebar uses scrypt as Proof of Work (PoW).
  • Litebar is intended to be used as a store of wealth, like Bitbar.
  • LiteBar can be stored like a precious metal.
  • Litebar can be exchanged as a global currency.
  • Litebar was designed to appreciate in value over time.

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Litebar’s Features


  • Ui/Ux friendly

    numerous hours have been spent, making sure that new/existing users can enjoy using litebar

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  • Simple Download

    The litebar wallet only takes a few seconds and installation is a breeze.

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  • Easy to use

    Using litebar has never been easier,world wide acceptability has always been the goal.

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  • Clean code

    Our developers have spent countless hours developing a clean and bug-free code base.

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  • Innovation

    Litebar developers are focused on bringing new ideas to light that would make all happy.

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  • privacy protected

    With litebar, your privacy is protected and secured.


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